Italian Enduro Championship

Third Absolute and first class, the season of Manuel Monni in the maximum Italian league is quite satisfactory.

A Pievebovigliana, Sunday, May 8, Mother’s Day, has competed in the fifth round of the Enduro Italian Championship and the best of our was Manuel Monni.


The pilot riding the TM EN 300 2T started immediately fast and after two laps he was already fighting for the first position spaced only a handful of seconds.

On lap unfortunately Maneul was wrong for two times in the Ultra losing too much ground.

From that moment the pilot of the Police Force has administered the third overall and first in class.


The reigning E1 Eero Remes rode a good race, and without forcing the pace too concluded the class in fifth place Foreigners.


Present in Italy also the young driver Oliver Nelson that despite some mistakes too has racked up two good special stages in the second and third Tests Cross Extreme.


“I ran to eighty percent because I have an injured knee and Thursday I had to go to hospital for treatment. Despite this I was fighting for the first place overall but the third Extreme are twice fell throwing to air the possibility of victory. Since that time the third place I only administered and the class victory. ”

“A race worthy of a world event, three very good special stages and a good workout in preparation for the GP of Greece”.

“A race marked by too many ups and downs, unfortunately I was not able to maintain the right concentration and I made too many mistakes but I Shot down and shortly hope to be able to express myself better.”

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