Racer Assistance Program

We understand that our customers like to compete with our motorcycles, so we’ve put together the most comprehensive Racer Assistance Program in the industry.

Our program is not lopsided towards the top pro racers, we support the riders who make up the backbone of motorcycle racing.


In order to participate in the TM Racing – Barker Bros. Cycles Racer Assistance Program you must:

  1. Purchase a new 2017 TM motorcycle through Barker Bros. Cycles
  2. Supply a copy of your racing license
  3. Provide a list of race events or the race series you will be participating in.
  4. Provide updates and send pictures in order for TM Racing – Barker Bros. Cycles to promote you, your club, your dealer and your race events.
  5. Complete this entire application.

TM Racing Motorcycles / Barker Bros. Cycles
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