Germany World Motocross Championship Grand Prix

The circus world after the Latvian sand has shifted on the hard ground of Teutschental in Germany.

Samuel in timed tests can not find the right feeling with the track quickly but the times set by the Tuscan driver bode well for a good qualifying heats.


At the start of the usual Saturday’s race Bernardini managed to start big, but in the first corner an opponent knocks him, Samuel brings some bad bruises and was forced to retire.

The pilot of Tm Racing in the evening he had to undergo several sessions of physiotherapy to recover for Sunday races.

The position of the gate is not very easy but Goes on race gate 1 Samuel partly slingshot and the first lap in sixth place that can keep for several laps with a good rhythm, unfortunately in the corner after the pits a his opponent literally thrown to the ground, in the fall of the bike is the victim of a problem with the throttle control and is forced to return to pit lane to fix the problem.


Samuele Bernardini again in late position with a great comeback managed to win a point.

In race 2 Samuel is great. After another good start Bernardini manages to hold on to the sixth position throughout the race and during the penultimate step is scoring his best lap around the end symptom week that his physical condition is perfect.

Generally Samuel ranking occupies the ninth position.


Next meeting in Arco di Trento for the first Grand Prix in Italy this season.

Marco Ricciardi commented on the race: “Weekends not easy, Samuel has had a problem on Saturday with the fall at the start because of an opponent. In the first race from 35th position at the gate is very strong party, it was sixth when he was brought down by another rider but still managed to take a point. In the second race Samuel was exceptional, I am very honored to work with a driver of his caliber, he finished sixth and clocked his best time in the final laps, this means that it has an excellent physical shape and has put a great commitment and will power and brought us a great result. “

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