EN 300



  1. Is it true that the 2 stroke EN models will be fuel injected in 2019? More info please. I would also like to know if the 5 speed and 6 speed transmissions are interchangeable for the 250/300 2 stroke models like I hear they are on the 4 stroke models. I’m looking forward to owning a 250/300 2 stroke with fuel injection, electric start, and the possibility of a 6 speed option. The aluminum perimeter frames are awesome, with all the good parts. I also would like to know how much lighting power comes off stator on your EN models. I would be interested in the specs on all your off road models. Currently ride a 2006 Honda CR250 set up for woods. Serious potential buyer. Thanks.

  2. No news on the 2019 models coming with ES.

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